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Neoviso x PadelHub League.

The season runs from May 21, 2024 to September 26, 2024. 
Tuesday & Thursday:  6:00-8:00 p.m


The game is played in two groups of 9. Every week, two players from one team face another team within the same group. At the end of the 8 rounds of play, the 8 best teams per group will decide on the second Lucerne Padel League champion on the final day.


Teams consist of 3-8 players from the same company. Two players from this team play per week. The constellation can be adjusted week after week.


Communication takes place via a Whatsapp group (team captains). The results and table are displayed on the website (


Entry fee.
CHF 500 per team
Consideration: Min. 8 hours padel including rental rackets and balls. Plus one soft drink per week per player.


Registration deadline.
May 7, 2024 (extended by 1 week)

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